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LED TV Hitachi 32HB4T01

The Hitachi 32HB4T01 LED TV will not take up much space, and will greatly complement your interior. Thanks to the 100 Hz image refresh rate, your eyes wont get tired. High quality resolution - enjoy every detail with a realistic image.

219.00 €
185.00 €


LED TV Hitachi 32HB4T41

Hitachi 32HB4T41 TV with a diagonal 32 inches (81cm) ideal for a small living room, children's room or bedroom. Enjoy movies, TV shows, news or cartoons in a quality, clear, and detailed image. The possibilities of with the Hitachi 32HB4T41 Smart TV do not end with TV program and enjoy whatever you want whenever you want.

249.00 €
199.00 €


LED TV Hitachi 32HB4T61

Watch movies, news, favorite TV shows or follow the heroes of the game. The Hitachi 32HB4T41 TV with HD 720p (1366x768) resolution delivers good image quality and detailing. Watch whatever you want and whenever you want with the Smart TV feature and Wi-Fi - more than television - watch Youtube, use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with all the Internet privileges - and that's all on your TV screen.

299.00 €
209.00 €

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