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If information technology (IT) is both - hobby and work for you, you are welcome in our team!

BALTIC DATA was established in 1992 and by now is one of the most stable and reliable companies in Latvian information technology market. 

We offer:
• stability,
• interesting job,
• competitive and progressive motivation system,
• friendly colleagues.


full time job in specialized computer hardware and software shop in Riga s/c "MOLS", s/c "DOMINA SHOPPING" and s/c "ALFA".

Baltic Data has 12 specialized information technology shops in Latvia - Riga, Liepaja, Jelgava, Ventspils, Valmiera, Ogre, Saldus, Talsi and Daugavpils. Our moto is to provide excellent client service for our customers. 

Main responsibilities will be programming, testing, installation and configuration of business management software Office Line, Baltic Data Algas and other software.

Tel.: 28003365
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