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Warranty Terms

Right of withdrawal (for distance contracts)
  1. You can use the rights of withdrawal and return the product within 14 calendar days from the moment of purchase. To avoid confusion, please, at the moment of product arrival check if the product is consistent with what was ordered - the manufacturer, model, color, size and other relevant parameters. Latvian legislation requires that the vendor is obliged to repay the money paid for the purchase within 14 working days. Goods for the right of withdrawal will be accepted and reviewed by Latvian statutory order.
  2. If you want to exercise the right of withdrawal - please note the following recommendations:
  • check, but do not use a product;
  • do not open the audio recording, video recording or computer software packages (also applies to the handheld navigation devices, the tablet software, etc.);
  • save and do not damage the original product packaging and assembly (sealed plastic packages can be carefully and thoroughly open with a knife or scissors).
  1. In case you still want to reject the goods, bring them to Baltic Data office in Riga, Deglava street 50, LV-1035, at working days 9:00 to 18:00. Do not forget purchase receipt and warranty card (in case a manufacturer or distributor of goods has included one in the package).


  1. Internet sales are regulated by the Cabinet of Ministers regulations No.255. Paragraph 19 of these rules provides that the consumer* have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days and return the item to the seller. But at the same time these Regulations ("Regulations on distance contracts") 22 provides: "The consumer, using these rules of that right of withdrawal, is responsible for any kind of decrease of value of the product, if the product has been used in a way that is incompatible with the good faith, including use for purposes other than to clarify the characteristics or activity of goods.” 
  2. Consequently, the Baltic Data Ltd. reserves the right to bring a civil lawsuit against the consumer to recover for damage to Baltic Data Ltd., in cases where the product is not returned in its original packaging, product packaging is damaged, product seals are damaged, the protective film is torn off (for example, mobile telephone display), it is visible that product is used carelessly, it has scratches and similar defects.
  3. The product may differ fromn photos shown in In order to specify product features or to avoid misunderstandings, please contact by e-mail: or phone 28003365.

​* hereinafter referred to as the consumer, according to "Consumer Protection Law" Article 1, part 3 is "a natural person who expresses a wish to purchase, purchases or might purchase or use a product or service for purposes not related to its business or professional activities." 

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