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Store assessment system

Price from 30 € / per month

Our Store assessment tool SEAS (store & employee assessment system) is an innovative cloud solution that allows you to improve control processes in stores and effectively analyze the results obtained. This tool is not only practical, but also an irreplaceable assistant for performing mystery shopper functions, giving companies the opportunity to effectively manage and optimize their outlets.

Main features:

1. Freely definable test topic groups and test questions:

Customize the testing process to your needs by creating freely definable topic groups and test questions that meet your company's specifications.

2. Option to add a photo to each rating:

Make test scores visually rich by adding photos and notes to provide detailed analysis and solution planning.

3. Multi-level user rights:

Personalize access and role for each user with multi-level user rights that allow efficient organization of work and information flow.

4. Report to the store manager on the identified deficiencies:

Quickly and conveniently manage identified deficiencies using automatic messages sent to the store manager.

5. Various reports on the results of the inspection of outlets:

Get a complete picture of your store's performance with a variety of reports and analysis of inspection results to help you make informed decisions and make improvements.

We offer a modern solution that allows companies to improve their points of sale through efficient handling of inspections and analysis. With SEAS you can be sure that you control and improve the operation of your stores in the most efficient way.

Solution costs

The cost of the store management tool SEAS depends on the number of places (stores) to be checked:

  • Preparation of the customer database (one time cost) 99 Eur
  • 1- 5 checked locations (stores) 30 Eur/month (each subsequent location 6 Eur/month)
  • Data maintenance on the Baltic Data server up to 10 GB is included in the license fee. For each subsequent 5 GB additional fee of 12.50 Eur without VAT.


If you would like to receive more information about the SEAS software solution or apply for a free demo, please contact us:
tel. +37167222617 e-mail



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